Off-Campus Students:  All off-campus students will be set up with $75 in Declining Balance, which can be use at all on campus dining locations. While a meal plan purchase is not required for commuter students, many students take advantage of the convenience and value a meal plan has to offer. 

 A Meal Plan is Convenient

  • You can enjoy a relaxing lunch with friends or grab something quick
  • Choose your favorites, make a colorful plate, and get on your way back to class in plenty of time

A Meal Plan = Variety & Good Food

  • You can pick from an almost endless variety of choices that strike your fancy in MacDonald Dining Room
  • You can easily check nutrition info; pick hot or cold entrees, sides and desserts; try new dishes or old favorites; plus find made without gluten, vegetarian, and vegan selections.

All meal plans expire at the end of each semester. Declining Balance Dollars/ Wily's Bucks roll over from the fall semester to the spring semester, but they expire at the end of the academic year.

  • Block 30


    • Swipes 30 Meals
    • Dollars $30 Declining Balance Dollars
    • Average 1-2 Meals a Week
  • Student: Wily's Bucks


    • Swipes Add the amount you need!
    • Dollars $25 minimum purchase required
    • Added to your dining account instantly at purchase!

Need help with your meal plan?

Dining Office
Janet Trammel

828 898 8795