Residential Plans

Students who live in a residence hall with no kitchen facilities will have the All Access Meal Plan with $225 (declining balance) per semester in Wily's money. Students who live in an area with a full kitchen (example: Bobcat Way) will have the option to choose between the 125 Block Meal Plan with $400 (declining balance) per semester in Wilys Money or the All Access Meal Plan with $225 per semester in Wily's money.  The All Access and Block 125 meal plans will auto renew for the spring semester.  You can change your meal plan from the Block 125 to the Unlimited plan anytime. All meal plans expire at the end of each semester.  
  •  All Access

    All Access

    • Unlimited Meals at Residential Restaurant
    • 225 Declining Balance Dollars
    • 20 Meal Exchange Swipes
  • Block 125

    Block 125

    • 125 meals to use for the entire semester
    • $400 Declining Balance Dollars
    • 10 Meal Exchange Swipes
  • Student:  Wily's Bucks $25.00

    Student: Wily's Bucks

    • Add the amount you need!
    • $25 minimum purchase required
    • Added to your dining account instantly at purchase

Need help with your meal plan?

General Manager
Jeremy Mccosh